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I am a vertebrate paleontologist working in dinosaur functional anatomy, biomechanics and evolution. Dinosaurs and natural history museums have been always in my life since I was a kid. That lead to an interest in natural sciences and biology in particular. Eventually I graduated at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), where I started researching under Professor José Luis Sanz and eventually also under Dr. Francisco Ortega from UNED. I did my PhD studies with them both as my supervisors on the evolution of sauropod dinosaurs postcranial biomechanics. 

I find adventure and discovery some of the most thrilling aspects of paleontology, and new technologies exciting for the amount of new information they can provide from fossils. My approach is therefore trying to master traditional and novel approaches to be the most complete paleontologist I can be: fieldwork, collection research, drawing, photographing and virtual techniques.

My research focuses on (1) evolution of functional morphology of nonavian dinosaurs, using comparative anatomy, virtual paleontology, systematics, and data from extant analogs, (2) advancing methods in paleontological visualization using stereophotogrammetry and computed tomographic (CT), and (3) morphofunctional analyses in computer aided design (CAD) software and virtual skeletal mounts and muscle reconstrucitons.

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